Ego Wallpaper
in Majorelle Blue

Eclectic world of design by Ana Cvejic -Idea Boutique- presents new project in interior design – magical blue basement framed with four artworks, one-of-a-kind, Ego Wallpapers.

Client: CROSS Caffe Belgrade
Interior Design, Ego Wallpaper:
Photo: @nikolailicphoto 

Cross 1i2
Cross 4

The brief was to redesign the existing basement of Cross Belgrade Caffe restaurant and create an unexpected space that will provoque guests to step down. Narrow stairs and cramped space did not offer much freedom in the intervention however, the designer opted for bright colors and unusual graphics that will attract attention.

The project resulted in a vibrant Majorelle blue space filled with playful fuchsia steps, black an white tiles and grass moments that bring the freshness into dark space. First contact with Art deco mirrors, neon industrial metal steps and playful light balls that are just the entrance to this visual fairy tale.

An even bigger turn is in the toilet cubicles, with two more Ego Wallpapers, presenting giant exotic parrots holding extended mirrors in their beaks.

Toucan or Cockatoo is up to you!

Cross 5i6 all