Ego Ballerina Brand

Ego Ballerina by Ana Cvejic is a conceptual collection of unique printed ballerina shoes.

Unique graphic collage are printed on the leather, it is composed of memories, favorite colors and symbols. Together with a framed portrait of the shoe’s owner, it looks like eccentric picture, such as a personal posters transmitted directly to the shoe.

If we look at the social phenomenon known as selfie, Ego Ballerina represents a new medium for your portrait and which shoe is Ego or Alter ego depends on what is your dominant side.

Dedicated to my Mom.

Photo by Marko Todorovic 

Ego Bag Ana
Ego Wallpaper

Custom made designed prints with selfie, went one step further.

Ego’s prints are incorporated on the wallpaper, accessories and furniture line including the first arm chair – Ego Throne. Inspired by chic and eclectic style of Ego Ballerina, Ego Throne is combination of baroque furniture design with high quality digitally printed satin. Design flirts with elegant world of Parisian salons and exquisite flowers sets, making magical color palette.

The Ego design is a imaginative way of decorating your place and brightening up everyday. Whether is it on the wall or on chair, it will definitely give a unique aesthetic look to your space and impress everyone!

Ego Room 1

Founder, Copywriter, Art Director: Ana Cvejic -idea boutique-

Photo: Nikola Ilic